Park City Ski Patrollers are Working Without a Contract

By Keegan Waller Since their contract extension expired on December 31st of last year, ski patrollers at Park City Mountain Resort have continued working, often without the gear they need to do their jobs safely and effectively, with no end in sight to labor negotiations. Back in March, the Park City Professional Ski Patrol Association began toContinue reading “Park City Ski Patrollers are Working Without a Contract”

The Coup May Have Failed, but the Insurrection is Far from Over

By Keegan Waller Back in the days before the internet, if fascist and white supremacist groups wanted to recruit new people into their movement they had to go out into the real world. It could take years of brainwashing for a new member to buy in completely, and since most people are hesitant, at leastContinue reading “The Coup May Have Failed, but the Insurrection is Far from Over”

A Coup

By Diego Mendiola On Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, a coup was attempted in the heart of American politics. The truth is that this coup was built upon lies that were propagated by social media and news outlets. Trump’s voice was heard all over the country as probably just more rambling from the desperate idiot inContinue reading “A Coup”

The Legacy of Joe Hill

By Keegan Waller “I die like a true blue rebel. Don’t waste any time in mourning. Organize.” -Joe Hill, in his final letter to Bill Haywood.             The impact of the labor movement on American history is often forgotten, or simply ignored, by educators in America. Though there are still many needed reforms, the eight-hourContinue reading “The Legacy of Joe Hill”

The Legacy of Fred Hampton

By Keegan Waller December 4 marked the 51st anniversary of Fred Hampton’s murder, so it’s a good time to remember that the fight against systemic racism and police brutality did not start in 2020, and that the fight is far from being won. Fred Hampton was born in 1948 to working class parents in theContinue reading “The Legacy of Fred Hampton”

United Fruits of America

By Diego Mendiola and Keaton Shannon Empire is one of the later stages of economic hegemony. One way these empires extend their reach and strengthen their grip on the world is by forcing countries to do as they say. We call these countries Banana Republics. Banana Republics, contrary to popular belief, are not just storesContinue reading “United Fruits of America”

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